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Photo of a container ship

28 June 2021

Accelerating shipping decarbonisation through policy action

Alex Clark is among leading researchers discussing policy options for decarbonising shipping

Photo of a path through a tree arch with a dead, brown industrial landscape on one side and a green landscape with a wind turbine on the right side

5 February 2021

The path to Net Zero in the UK

Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the Climate Change Committee, will provide an overview of the CCC's advice to the government in its landmark report.


21 January 2020

PCT Ideas Exchange meeting

This month's meeting will feature talks by Nicole Yazon (University of Oxford) and Jean-Francois Mercure (University of Exeter)

Photo of solar panels in the desert against a mountainous backdrop

19 April 2021

A new perspective on decarbonising the global energy system

Doyne Farmer and Matthew Ives speak at the report's launch event


26 February 2020

PCT Ideas Exchange meeting

This month's meeting will feature talks by Anna Skarbeck 

(ClimateWorks Australia) and Ilona Otto (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research)


14 November 2019

Tipping positive change to avoid climate tipping points

Tim Lenton gives a talk at the Oxford Martin School.

Photo of small green plants pushing through wooden boards

 8 February 2021

Sensitive intervention points for Net Zero

Cameron Hepburn examines potential sensitive intervention points, focusing on technological changes to reach net zero rapidly.


21 February 2020

Live Twitter chat on SIPs

Log onto Twitter on Friday afternoon and join the discussion on how to stop climate change

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