Five tough questions to ask about reaching net zero climate targets

14 March 2020

In recent months countries, cities, states and businesses have been setting “net zero” targets, which aim to cut carbon emissions while "mopping up" or offsetting the remainder. However, as Myles Allen, Thomas Hale, Tim Kruger, Stephen Smith and Kaya Axelsson point out in their Independent article, the atmosphere responds to outcomes and not announcements.

Any organisation setting a net zero target – and the activists, consumers and investors holding them to account –  needs to consider the following:

  • What is being covered?

  • When is the deadline?

  • How will this be achieved?

  • What are you doing today?

  • How will you stay on track over 30 years of disruptive change?

CEOs, mayors, governors and heads of state come and go but net zero targets must be grounded in viable business models and long-term social consensus that will outlast the people who introduce them.

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