18 June 2020

Four ways for economies to grow back greener

Ben Caldecott explains why green finance is necessary for coping with climate change

28 May 2020

China can lead a green recovery

Cameron Hepburn discusses green policies and post pandemic recovery in China Daily

21 January 2020

Feedbacks - Hilary Term 2020

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1 December 2019

New CFTC Climate Subcommittee

Ben Caldecott has been appointed to a new US Commodity Futures Trading Commission subcommittee.

9 October 2019

UN climate talks must include cities, businesses

Thomas Hale writes that cities, regions and businesses helped deliver the Paris Agreement - their mandate should be extended.

18 April 2019

Feedbacks - Trinity Term 2019

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17 June 2020

Feedbacks - Trinity Term 2020

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26 May 2020

Rupert Stuart-Smith is awarded Alfred Steers prize

The award is for the best undergraduate dissertation in a UK geography department.

15 January 2020

PCT involved in UK-China cooperation on climate change

The PCT Programme is to apply Oxford’s cutting-edge modelling capability to the UK-China cooperation programme on Climate Change Risk Assessment

Cameron at TEDx.jpg

19 October 2019

SIPs at TEDx Vienna

Cameron Hepburn explains how sensitive intervention points (SIPs) can lead to runaway change for a better world.


14 December 2018

Lessons from COP24

Rupert Stuart-Smith's report on accelerating the post-carbon transition

8 May 2020

Destination: green airline bailouts

Cameron Hepburn and Brian O’Callaghan argue that airline bailouts must be linked to climate targets.

6 December 2019

We really may have just 11 years to save the climate

Thomas Hale comments in Climate Home News on the implications of the 2030 climate change deadline.


10 October 2019

Futuremakers podcasts on climate change

Our researchers discuss climate change in a series of podcasts

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