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Aerial photo of a person in a yellow coat walking through an industrial looking maze

1 July 2021

Green Transition Navigator launched

New tool to help countries identify opportunities in the transition to the green economy

Photo of a container ship

28 June 2021

Incentives for zero-emissions shipping

A new report shows how contracts-for-difference could be to achieving the decarbonisation of the industry

Photo of financial charts and transactions on a computer

14 June 2021

ETFs are financing fossil fuel companies at large scale

New research from Ben Caldecott and Christian Wilson

Photo of a post it note with c o 2 written on it and stuck to a tree trunk

28 May 2021

Priorities for pulling carbon from the air

How can we get carbon removal right without distracting from the critical task of reducing emissions?

A paintbrush is lying on top of a tin of paint against a green background

10 May 2021

Net zero is crucial for tackling climate change despite greenwashing fears

How to avoid greenwashing on the path to meeting emissions reductions

Photo of an aeroplane taking off taken from below

20 April 2021

Flight costs could return to 1970s prices to account for environmental impact

Myles Allen speaks to BBC Radio 4's Today programme

A picture of U.S. style mailboxes with flags raised to indicate that there is new mail

19 March 2021

Feedbacks - Hilary Term 2021

A round up of our recent news and research in our latest newsletter

Picture of a pathway with a dirty brown landscape on one side and green fields and wind turbines on the other

5 February 2021

Chris Stark on the path to net zero in the UK

Chief Executive of the Climate Change Committee provides an overview of the CCC's advice to the government in its landmark report.

A picture of U.S. style mailboxes with flags raised to indicate that there is new mail

7 December 2020

Feedbacks - Michaelmas Term 2020

A round up of our recent news and research in our latest newsletter

Photo of three wind turbines on red sand in Gujarat

11 November 2020

Make India's post Covid recovery green


Sugandha Srivastav and Brian O'Callaghan explain why in The Time of India

Photo of a burnt kingia australis in a burnt landscape but with green shoots

15 September 2020

The great reset - financing a sustainable economy

Cameron Hepburn is among the speakers at this World Economic Forum webinar

Photo of rows of empty red chairs in a conference with large windows looking out on to the countryside

22 July 2020

How to decarbonise conference travel after COVID-19

Calculating the impact of biennial events, regional hubs and virtual attendance in Nature

Photo of an hourglass with yellow sand

15 October 2020

Myles Allen joins the Countdown


TED and Future Stewards launch the Countdown initiative ahead of COP26


29 May 2020

What finance can learn from climate science

Cameron Hepburn discusses green energy in the podcast


22 May 2020

Carbon offsetting essential to tackle climate change

Ben Caldecott discusses carbon offset technology in The Economist


8 May 2020

Destination: green airline bailouts

Cameron Hepburn and Brian O’Callaghan argue that airline bailouts must be linked to climate targets.

Image of a leaf inside a lighbulb

8 April 2020

Economics of energy innovation and system transition

New three year project to transform policy making


10 February 2020

Investing in green doesn’t equal greening the world

Ben Caldecott argues in IP&E that we need to be wary of greenwashing

Photo of a cow

10 January 2020

Ruminant Methane, GWP* & Global Warming

Myles Allen talks to the Farm Gate podcast

Cameron at TEDx.jpg

19 October 2019

SIPs at TEDx Vienna

Cameron Hepburn explains how sensitive intervention points (SIPs) can lead to runaway change for a better world.


24 May 2019

Every business must have a plan for when net emissions are zero

Myles Allen and Cameron Hepburn's letter published in the Financial Times.


14 December 2018

Lessons from COP24

Rupert Stuart-Smith's report on accelerating the post-carbon transition

Photo of a solar farm in the desert against a mountainous background

30 June 2021

Podcast: Matthew Ives on solar power and experience curves

Matthew Ives talks to the Hear This Idea podcast.

A picture of U.S. style mailboxes with flags raised to indicate that there is new mail

23 June 2021

Feedbacks - Trinity Term 2021

A round up of our recent news and research in our latest newsletter

Photo of a dandelion clock with seeds starting to blow away

11 June 2021

G7: the last chance for a green recovery

Myles Allen is among the academics explaining why in The Financial

Photo of hands holding a disposable face mask printed with the Indian flag

28 May 2021

Building back better after viral attack in India

India needs to invest in healthcare, sanitation, climate resilience, agriculture and weather forecasting

Photo of the sunrise throwing long shadows of wind turbines on fields in various colors

5 May 2021

Eleven ways to align global economic governance with a green new deal

What governance changes do we need to support a global green deal?

Photo of solar panels in the desert against a mountainous background

19 April 2021

A new perspective on decarbonising the global energy system

Doyne Farmer and Matthew Ives speak at the report's launch event

Photo of finance buildings in Canary Wharf which have green lights on in the dark

16 February 2021

New UK Centre for Greening Finance & Investment

Ben Caldecott will lead the new CGFI launching ahead of this year's COP26 UN climate summit

Photo of Lake Palcacocha by Georg Kaser, 2002 (Archiv des Institut für Geographie, Universität Innsbruck)

4 February 2021

Severe flood risk from glacial lake due to global warming

Report is the first to prove human caused climate change is directly responsible for creating a critical risk from Lake Palcacocha

Photo of the great wall of China

4 December 2020

Great Wall Renewables Energy Forum

Doyne Farmer on how predicting technological progress can help solve climate change

Photo of silhouetted hands holding a glowing globe

16 October 2020

Building back greener - a critical year


Ben Caldecott takes part in a sustainability panel at the Institute of International Finance's Annual Members' Meeting

Photo of Thomas Hale

30 July 2020

Thomas Hale awarded prestigious COP26 Fellowship

Thomas Hale has been awarded one of four Fellowships in the run up to COP26 in November 2021

Picture of an offshore windfarm

18 June 2020

Four ways for economies to grow back greener

Ben Caldecott explains why green finance is necessary for coping with climate change

A watering can watering a chalkboard chart with the green bar larger than the others and in flower

10 June 2020

Companies' ESG scores improve macroeconomic growth

New report aligns ESG scores with improved GDP and employment


28 May 2020

China can lead a green recovery

Cameron Hepburn discusses green policies and post pandemic recovery in China Daily


21 May 2020

SIPs competition: and the winner is...

We are pleased to announce the winner of our competition


6 May 2020

A green COVID-19 recovery to save the climate and the economy

New research shows that green stimulus packages are the best option

A photo of darts on a dartboard

14 March 2020

Five tough questions to ask about reaching net zero climate targets

Myles Allen and Thomas Hale are among the authors of this article in The Independent

Photo of a row of residential mailboxes

21 January 2020

Feedbacks - Hilary Term 2020

Our newsletter features our latest publications and updates as well as a chance to win €1,000.


6 December 2019

We really may have just 11 years to save the climate

Thomas Hale comments in Climate Home News on the implications of the 2030 climate change deadline.


10 October 2019

Futuremakers podcasts on climate change

Our researchers discuss climate change in a series of podcasts

Climate change protests

20 April 2019

Protesters should be wary of 12 years to climate disater slogans

Myles Allen explains why in The Conversation.

Photo of a placard at a protest reading climate justice now

29 June 2021

Poor use of science jeopardises climate litigation

Study shows that using the most up to date scientific evidence is crucial to the success of climate lawsuits

Saint Michael's Mount in Cornwall

15 June 2021

What the G7 leaders should have said at their summit

Myles Allen explains in The Conversation

Photo of green paint flaking off a blue background

9 June 2021

New independent group to help tackle 'greenwashing'

Ben Caldecott is among members of the Green Taxonomy Advisory Group launched today

Photo a tree sapling ready to be planted

24 May 2021

Oxford-led greenhouse gas removal programme launched

£30 million given to and Oxford-led consortium of a dozen universities.

Photo of a power station at sunset

23 April 2021

The cost of financing new coal power has never been more expensive

New report on "The energy transition and changing financing costs"

Photo of a dirty car exhaust pipe

26 May 2021

Climate activists claim breakthrough victory against Shell

Dutch court orders Shell to accelerate emissions cuts

Photo of tunnel in a coal min

10 February 2021

Is a net-zero compliant fossil fuel industry possible?

Myles Allen and Nathalie Seddon suggest it could be in their article in The Conversation

Colourful map of Africa

12 January 2021

Africa's green energy transition unlikely this decade

New study predics that less than 10% of new power generated on the continent will come from wind or solar

Picture of abstract paint swirls in shades of blue

17 November 2020

Pioneers of Change Summit

Watch Cameron Hepburn at the opening plenary, discussing how business can drive positive change

photo of wooden jenga blocks lined up like dominoes

9 December 2020

SIPs to achieve net zero emissions

The report by the Policy Advisory Group of the Climate Change Committee identifies over 40 SIPs to accelerate the transition to Net Zero

Picture of an hourglass with the world at the top and sand dripping down and turning to flame

29 July 2020

Time to make 'net zero' mandatory for financial institutions

Ben Caldecott explains why the time is right to make financial institutions commit to net zero

A picture of U.S. style mailboxes with flags raised to indicate that there is new mail

17 June 2020

Feedbacks - Trinity Term 2020

A round up of our recent news and research in our latest newsletter


4 June 2020

Preparing for a green recovery

Cameron Hepburn talks about how a post pandemic recovery should be green in the CBI's Daily Coronavirus Webinar


26 May 2020

Rupert Stuart-Smith is awarded Alfred Steers prize

The award is for the best undergraduate dissertation in a UK geography department.


20 May 2020

SIPs competition: the finalists

Seven suggested SIPs have made the final shortlist


28 April 2020

Technology transfer and innovation for low-carbon development

Ryan Rafaty co-authors new World Bank book

Photo of a Pump-jack mining crude oil with the sunset

20 February 2020

Fossil fuel industry is the only global institution that can solve climate change

Myles Allen in conversation with Jim Al-Khalili on Radio 4


15 January 2020

PCT involved in UK-China cooperation on climate change

The PCT Programme is to apply Oxford’s cutting-edge modelling capability to the UK-China cooperation programme on Climate Change Risk Assessment


1 December 2019

New CFTC Climate Subcommittee

Ben Caldecott has been appointed to a new US Commodity Futures Trading Commission subcommittee.

COP25 Day 1.jpg

9 October 2019

UN climate talks must include cities, businesses

Thomas Hale writes that cities, regions and businesses helped deliver the Paris Agreement - their mandate should be extended.


18 April 2019

Feedbacks - Trinity Term 2019

Our first newsletter explains SIPs and updates you on our latest research (view on our Mailchimp page).

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