Green Transition Navigator launched

Green Transition Navigator launched

1 July 2021

The transition to the green economy is teeming with opportunities but when it comes to navigating growth opportunities in the green economy, each country is different.

Using a Green Complexity Index (GCI), countries can be ranked in accordance with the number and complexity of green products they export competitively. Countries with a higher GCI have higher environmental patenting rates, lower CO2 emissions, and more stringent environmental policies. This approach can also be employed to uncover the Green Adjacent Possible (GAP), which represents the set of technologically related green products that a country could potentially become competitive in.

The Green Transition Navigator, supported in part by the Post-Carbon Transition Programme, identifies countries' current competitive strengths and maps out new export opportunities that both align with their existing productive capabilities, and offer advantages in terms of technological sophistication and greater potential to open up future diversification opportunities.

Photo by Dan Asaki on Unsplash