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Not all net zero promises are equal

Not all net zero promises are equal

12 January 2021

More than 80% of global GDP (and 77% of global greenhouse gases) are now covered by a national net zero target, up from 68% and 61% last year, according to the new Net Zero Tracker. However not all net zero pledges are equal - that number shrinks to 10% of global GDP and 5% of global emissions, if only strong commitments and clear plans are included.

Thomas Hale said, 'As targets and pledges proliferate, this tracker will shine a light on which ones are genuinely ambitious, comprehensive, transparent and accountable. The tracker is a major step forward for radical transparency, but clear standards are also vital to ensure that net zero targets are delivered.'

The Net Zero Tracker builds on the March 2021 ‘Taking Stock’ report co-authored by Thomas Hal and published by ECIU and Oxford Net Zero. The tracker relies on a combination of machine learning and a global team of trained volunteers to keep tabs in real-time on both the quantity and, importantly, quality of net zero targets. It comes with a website allowing users to freely access, download and analyse data.

Image by Vaughn Smith from Pixabay

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