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Sustainability discussion guide for financial advisers

Sustainability discussion guide for financial advisers

28 October 2021

Ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), Dynamic Planner has created a white paper style Sustainability Discussion Guide for financial advisers to use with their clients, with a foreword has been written by Ben Caldecott.

The guide aims to help the financial adviser community and their clients properly explore the topic of sustainable investing.

Caldecott explained  COP26 “is a key moment where governments, companies, and financial institutions will make bold commitments to tackle climate change. Financial firms representing tens of trillions in pounds of assets will be committing to align with the Paris Agreement and shift their portfolios accordingly. These and related developments will further accelerate existing trends in sustainability."

“The transition underway is also unleashing new technologies and business models, helping to drive innovation and productivity improvements in companies around the world, whether public or private. Finding these companies and helping them grow is essential, and also creates unprecedented investment opportunities for investors, especially those who increasingly want to align their investments with environmental and social sustainability. It is also mission critical for tackling the profound environmental and social challenges facing humanity.”

Photo by Thea on Unsplash

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