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21 January 2020
11am - 12.30pm
Oxford Martin School

PCT Ideas Exchange


Our monthly meetings bring together researchers and practitioners who are interested in accelerating the transition to a post-carbon economy. We discuss new developments, host talks and discover areas in which to collaborate.

Please get in touch with Matthew Ives or email if you are interested in joining any of our meetings.

For our first meeting of the year we have two interesting talks with our own Nicole Yazon looking at efforts to monitor the efficacy of mitigation policies in cities, and Jean-Francois Mercure from the University of Exeter, who is leading our new collaboration funded by BEIS on the Economics of Energy Innovation and System Transition in China, India and Brazil. 


11.00  Welcomes and cake

11:05  PCT Programme Updates:

BEIS – CIFF Research Funding on the Economics of Energy Innovation and System Transition


11:10  Presentations:

'Building Net Zero Cities: Opportunities for Accelerating Mitigation through Local Policy Evaluation’

Nicole Yazon, University of Oxford

'Macroeconomic impacts of stranded fossil fuel assets’

Jean-Francois Mercure, University of Exeter


12:25  Actions and AOB

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