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Photo of solar panels in the desert against a mountainous backdrop

A new perspective on decarbonising the global energy system

19 April 2021

At the launch of their new report ‘A new perspective on decarbonising the global energy system’, Doyne Farmer and Matthew Ives drew on over a decade of research to explain why the more we deploy renewables, the faster their prices are likely to drop. For example, solar panels are 1,000 times cheaper than they were 50 years ago, with the International Energy Agency recently declaring that in many locations around the world solar is ‘the cheapest source of electricity in history.’ This has profound implications for the potential cost and optimal pace of our transition towards net zero.

At the event, Jiangwen Guo, Deputy Director of the Energy, Environment and Resources Programme at Chatham House, also discussed their engagement with the Chinese government on this new research.

> Read the full report

> Watch a short video explainer (Chinese version available at

You can watch the full presentation below.

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