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Sensitive intervention points to achieve Net Zero emissions

9 December 2020

Alongside the Sixth Carbon Budget  published by the Climate Change Committee (CCC), the CCC's Policy Advisory Group has published its report "Sensitive intervention points to achieve net-zero emissions". The Policy Advisory Group, chaired by Cameron Hepburn, aims to provide input on cross-sectoral policy advice to speed progress towards achieving Net Zero by 2050. 

The group's report identifies 40 potential  opportunities - or sensitive intervention points - in nine categories which could accelerate this transition. These categories are:

  • Deepening public engagement, with cross-party communications and monitoring

  • Delivering a transition that is just, creating opportunities to level up society

  • Reorganising government to lead on net zero from the centre

  • Aligning incentives, through carbon pricing and a carbon takeback obligation

  • Leveraging global dynamics, with higher UK ambition and carbon border adjustments

  • Increasing business ambition, with closer engagement with key firms

  • Accelerating technological progress, using “pathfinder” cities and regions to test integrated approaches to achieving net zero

  • Redirecting capital flows, including through accounting and audit interventions

  • Harnessing the law, with a government legal team to drive legal and regulatory shifts

The report concludes that the pace of change required to achieve net zero emissions in the UK by 2050 is fast but manageable. While there is no certainty that the SIPs identified will have large effects, the authors believe that considerable opportunities to accelerate progress at relatively modest cost can be found in these recommendations.

Read "Sensitive intervention points to achieve net-zero emissions"

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