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New World Bank book: 

Technology Transfer and Innovation for Low-Carbon Development

28 April 2020

Research Fellow Ryan Rafaty has coauthored a new book in the World Bank's International Development in Focus series.


Technological revolutions have increased the world’s wealth but unevenly and in ways that have accelerated climate change. Technology Transfer and Innovation for Low-Carbon Development argues that most of the emissions reductions required to achieve the Paris Agreement goals can be reached through the global deployment of existing and commercially proven low-carbon technologies (LCTs). High-income countries account for 80 percent of all LCT innovations while they are needed most in developing countries - both to meet climate targets and to achieve development goals. Two-thirds of the emissions reductions needed by 2030 can be achieved through the mass deployment of existing technology in just four sectors: energy, industry, transport, and buildings.

Transferring technologies to developing countries will not be easy - this book provides evidence that it can be done.

Download the book from the World Bank

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