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Picture of a pathway through a tree arch with a brown smoggy industrial landscape on one side and green fields, blue skies and a wind turbine on the other

Chris Stark on the path to Net Zero in the UK

5 February 2021

In December 2020 the UK Climate Change Committee (CCC) published the Sixth Carbon Budget report, providing  ministers with advice on the volume of greenhouse gases the UK can emit during the period 2033-2037. This landmark report is based on an extensive programme of analysis, consultation and consideration by the CCC and its staff, building on the evidence published the previous year when advising on a new ‘Net Zero’ target for the UK.

In our annual lecture, CCC Chief Executive Chris Stark gave us an overview of the CCC's advice in this report, which sets out for the first time a detailed pathway to achieving Net Zero in the UK by 2050. The discussions included adoption of low-carbon solutions (such as electric vehicles and boiler replacements), plans for the expansion of low-carbon energy supplies (including for transportation and industry), and land use and greenhouse gas removals.

Watch Chris's presentation below:

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